World Stroke Day -29 Oct 2017

Stroke is common cause of disability prevalent in India. It is also known as Cerebrovascular accident. In simple words it is brain insult i.e when there is loss of brain functions due to disturbances in blood flow to brain.

It can be due to ischemia,thrombosis, hemorrhage.

It is one of the emergency and can cause permanent disability or even death.

Stroke is one of the ddebilitating and prevalent in India due to changes and modified lifestyle. Earlier it was disease of old age but younger ages now being involved due to stressful life and modified way of living .

One has to be stress free and modify their living in order to prevent stroke.

Risk Factors

1. Hypertension

2. Diabetes

3.High Cholesterol

4.Pre-existing cardiac disease


6.Lack Of Exercises



Prevention of stroke and any disease is very easy and one can prevent it easily by modifying their life style.

Regular exercises helps in increasing blood circulation and oxygenation which is essential for maintaining mobility physiological effects includes reduction in blood sugar level post exercises is evident, lighter exercises helps in reducing blood pressure, Regular exercises helps in reducing cholesterol level and through researches it has been found that exercises reduces stress.

Regular medical check-up should be done to find the risk factors after age of 30 years is must .

Warning Signs


F- has face dropped

A- can they lift both arms

S- slurring of speech

T- time to call emergency care 108 or near by hospital.


It is an medical emergency one must reach as soon as possible to nearby hospital where they can get proper treatment sometimes surgery is needed for hemorrhagic stroke otherwise medical treatment is enough for management. Patient usually recovers within a week but may be left with residual paralysis or hemiparesis or monoplegia , loss of speech, loss of vision anything depends on area of involvement of brain.

Physiotherapy Role in Stroke

Physiotherapist plays an important role in Rehabilitation of Stroke. Physiotherapists being key person in Rehabilitation of stroke victim along with occupational therapists, speech therapists, special educators and medical social worker.

Physiotherapists helps in recovering from paralysis involving body parts which either gets weakened or complete loss of movements.

Physiotherapists uses different therapeutic techniques in order to gain loss of movement of body parts involved.

Different Physiotherapy Methods Used are

1. Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation

2.Constant Induced Movement Therapy

3. Neuro Developmental Therapy

4. Physiotherapy stretching and Strengthening Exercises

Consult Neuro-Physiotherapist for Faster Recovery From Paralysis