Knee Clinic

Knee clinic is a branch of prayaas physiotherapy clinic located at RM Hospital, Halalpura, Bhopal. Knee clinic provides world class surgical and rehabilitation treatment.

Facilities available:-

1. ACL, MCL,PCL Reconstruction surgery and its rehabilitation.

2. Pre operative counselling for effective treatment.

3. Post operative total care.

4. Osteoarthritis of Knee Joint

हमारी सेवाएं बंद है. धन्यवाद

Osteoarthritis of knee joint.

It is degenerative disorder in which due to wear and tear process there is erosion of joint surfaces. There is breakdown of cartilage which is a protein substance.

It mostly occurs as we age. It is common in both males and females but it males it comes early and in females it progress after age of 55.