Cervical Pain

Many people suffer due to neck pain commonly known as cervical pain or cervical spondylosis.

It is degenerative condition due to wear and tear process in body.

It is due to wear and tear of bone and cartilage.


1.Bone overgrowth

Overgrowth of bone also known as bone spur. These bone overgrowth is result of making spine stronger by body.

These extra bone press delicate area like nerve, spinal cord which results in pain.

2.Discs Herniation

It is due to crack in disc which leads to leakage in internal cushioning . This leads to pressure over nerve and on spinal cord.

3.Disc Dehydration

The gel like material dry over the time which causes vertebrae to move more ultimately leads to pain.


Direct and Indirect injury leads to pain.

5.Over use

Repetitive cervical movements and over use of neck muscles leads to cervical pain.


Plain X-Ray.

MRI for advance stages.


1. Conservative A. Medical Management B. Physiotherapy

2. Surgical

Here we will discuss Physiotherapy Treatment Only- Kindly Consult your Doctor/Physiotherapist for cervical or neck pain. It is only for patient information.