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About Us

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Prayaas Physiotherapy center was an exclusive place which had been providing physio-therapeutic treatment for orthopaedic,cardiology,neurological and for physically disabled for the past 4 years. Prayaas Physiotherapy was located in Bhopal. Our Clinics are closed permanently.

At our center, we give treatment for paralysis, cerebral palsy, developmental delay, fractures, post operative rehabilitation, fracture care, strengthening exercises, stretching exercises, pylometric training, isotonic exercises, isometric exercises, acupressure, acupuncture, prosthesis, orthosis, exclusive consultation of yoga therapy, and speech therapy. The center is equipped with modern physiotherapeutic modalities for effective treatment. There is a team of Orthopaedic, Neurologist, and other health professional to care for patient when needed.

Physical therapist examines client’s professional background and physical examination before giving diagnoses report. The diagnose report helps the physiotherapist to decide on the type of therapy to be used. We have enhanced our clinic from simple exercises to laser therapies. We offer modern facilities in our clinic with comfortable, spacious and clean atmosphere. We instruct and educate our patients regarding fitness and wellness and even explain the dos and don’ts to prevent from recurrence of the situation in future.



Physiotherapy is modern medical science which utilises the concept of exercise therapy, electrotherapy, softtissue mobilization for acceleration of recovery of patient as earliest as possible.

The important role of physiotherapy is to restore movement and function near to normal which is affected by injury,illness,disabilty or any developmental disorder.

Role of Physiotherapy

Role of physiotherapy is not easy to define as the feild is progressing it has no limits, feild is increasing as this science is growing. Now physiotherapy requires in every medical condition i.e. ICU to Recovery Phase, Pain Management, Dislocation, Nerve Entrapment, Stroke, Motor Neurone Disease, Cardiac Arrest, Asthma, Coma- Coma Arousal Therapy, Joint Stiffness, Fracture -Dislocation, Back Ache, Cervical Pain, Sports Injuries and their management.

Hence Sky is Limit for Physiotherapy.